Tuesday, September 15, 2009

From Steak to Art this past weekend in T-Town!!

Friday night....
Didn't really have anything on the calendar, we were just gonna stay in....but around 9 we found out that a friend of ours was going to be at Vintage, which is a wine bar right down the street from us, so why not?  After leisurely getting ready, we strolled over.  Had wine and a hurricane (I had the drink, he had the wine!), we shared an appetizer, but our friend never showed, so we headed on home.  Don't you know right after we got in the door she called!!!  Having nothing better to do, we headed right back on over, but once again, when we got there, she was nowhere to be found!  This time we didn't stick around and headed back.  Of course, our friend might have been at one of the other 6 neighboring bars, and it was virtually impossible to pinpoint her locale due to the noise decibel!!  In any case, friend meetup FAIL!  So, we just hung out and watched movies.  (Sounds boring, but it was a fun night!! Besides, it worked out because we wanted to get up early on Sat.!)
Saturday:  Ok, so our plan for today was -
a) hit up this meat "dock sale" in Owasso
b) afterwards, go to Claremore for the "Bluegrass & Chili Festival"
c) afternoon - Philbrook for "free 2nd Sat" admission
d) eve - Hard Rock for "Urban Indulgence"
Of course, as you know, things pretty much never go exactly as planned, though our intentions were there.
We got going by 10ish, and got over to Owasso.  Let me tell you, if you have a spare freezer and want a great buy on meat/poultry, THIS is the place to go!  Apparently, they have a sale every month.  You just park, go up and tell them what you want, and then you check out!  For added incentive, the aroma of marinated steak being cooked wafts through the air!  Needless to say, our spare freezer is now stocked!!  Ahh, Beef!  It's what's for dinner!!!  :)

Since the meat was frozen solid, we figured we'd have time to check out the Bluegrass/Chili Fest in Claremore:

We got there around 11:30, and there was already a crowd.  A few bands were playing, there was a car show, "fair food" vendors, a train ride for the kiddies, along with a slide, and children's activity tent.  Inside the Expo Center were arts & crafts vendors.  What we didn't realize that even though the chili vendors had their tents set up, they were just getting started and the actual chili tasting didn't start until 4pm  :(  
So, we left a little disappointed, but we didn't want our meat to thaw out!
**This is another lesson to be learned in these parts: check out the time schedule of events! (along with getting tickets in advance if possible, before the event sells out!)**
We headed for home and unloaded all the meat to our freezer.  Then we got ready to go to the Philbrook!
After enjoying a light snack in Woodward Park (imo the most beautiful park in Tulsa, if not one of the most that I've ever been to!)  By now, the weather was overcast, and it was around 2:00.  Still plenty of time to enjoy the museum grounds, and since they are apparently doing this through December, I'm sure we'll be going back.  (You can't beat FREE!)
Once again, I didn't realize that they were running a free trolley between the Philbrook & the Gilcrease (although there wasn't free admission, the Gilcrease was also offering free activities for the kids.....ahhh, brings back memories!)
Check out the awesome pics at the Philbrook!

One of the very first things you realize is how HUGE this place is.  23 acres to be exact, including lush gardens where they grow everything from sunflowers to corn and other vegetables!  All of their produce grown goes to the local Community Food Bank.  :)
I would highly recommend exploring the gardens, and apparently it's a popular setting for weddings.  Along with the gardens, there's a 'summer house' as well as a creek that winds around the outskirts.  We could have taken a nap on the plush lawn, but alas, it started to sprinkle so we headed back inside.
I was ecstatic to learn that photography is permitted (without flash) throughout most of the museum, so I snapped away!  Inside, there are THREE levels, with various themed rooms filled with art.
The main entrance level features temporary exhibits, archive exhibits, and the Italian Room & Music Room.
The lower level houses the Native American collection and Santa Fe Room, while the upper level features Modern & Contemporary Design, Antiquities, and African Art.  My favorite exhibit had to be the Modern & Contemporary Design, featuring everything from antique radios to the iPod!
By the time we were ready to leave, we were exhausted!
So, we came home to chill for a bit...but my friend ending up passing out, and although I still really wanted to hit up Urban Indulgence, I was tired as well.  Wanting to compromise and do something inexpensive, we opted for going to the Sushi Train!
If you live in T-Town and haven't been here yet, this is a MUST!  You can order off the menu, but I highly recommend selecting off the train.  Most of the dishes are between $2-5, so two people can easily dine for under $30!!!  We hadn't been there in a while, so we filled up and left happy, putting a great end to Saturday for us  :)
Lazy Sunday (aren't they always?!) -  We did sleep in a little on Sunday, and didn't really have anything planned, so first off we headed to Home Depot ISO window screens.  Unfortunately, we found out they don't carry them, but Lowe's apparently did so we headed there next.  On the way, we took the "scenic route", stopping at this little gem (on Lewis near 12th St.):

This place is SO cool, kinda like a 70's rock psychedelic meets Spencer's.  Everything from incense to your fave rock memorabilia & cds!!  I had no idea!!!  I'll be shopping there in the future!!  :)

After browsing, we headed down 15th Street, where I was given the suggestion about hitting up all the clothing/furniture/misc "boutiques" and featuring them on a future blog.  Excellent idea!!!  :)

By the time we neared Lowe's, we were hungry, so we caved and stopped at Freckles (frozen custard).  Food is good, but I loved the old pictures on the wall from Tulsa, going back several decades (including the old amusement park they had where the expo center is now!)
As luck would have it, we found the screens at Lowe's, just in time to install and enjoy the cooler fall weather.  On the way back, we popped into the parking lot at the Expo - they are getting ready for the FAIR!  (so are we!!)  We actually were thinking about going to the gun show, but...there will be more of those (seems like every other weekend!!) to come!
Rest of Sunday spent installing window screens, and cooking dinner.  I admit, I LOVE to cook, not that I'm a fancy chef or anything....but I can cook decently, and can be pretty resourceful/creative!  Sunday night happened to be ground beef, tomatoes, peppers, corn, and shredded cheese, ala stir fry (what I had on hand).  Yesterday, however, the whole apartment was filled with the aroma of chicken (making broth from the leftovers).  This plus the lower temperature has put me in the mood for fall, Halloween, Thanksgiving....ahhh, can't wait!!!  :)
I've added a calendar below of upcoming events and things we have planned, so feel free to check it out. 
This weekend, so far:  a couple of our friends are leaving town soon, so we have going away parties, plus the BOK Rock 'N Rib Fest, and Restaurant Week now through the 19th!

See you around T-Town!  :)

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