Monday, September 21, 2009

How was YOUR weekend Tulsa?

Ours was another enjoyable, fun-filled, packed weekend!  My recap:

Friday eve:   Let the games begin!!  The Highland Games, that is!  Hopefully you lads and lassies got a chance to check out the Scottish Festival this weekend.  We went Friday night for MacBeerfest, and the weather held out perfectly!  After walking around a bit, we headed over to the beer tent where they had several assorted pub beers available.  There were also food vendors hawking traditional Scottish fare - I sampled the Scottish pie (not quite brave enough to try the Haggis!), and also some excellent Lemon Shortbread from the House of Douglas Bakery.  Other vendors were selling everything from kilts to swords, and while the games weren't starting until Sat. morning, they did have a bonfire ceremony where all the Clans' names were announced, and representatives from each declared their unique battlecry.  Great celtic music from bands Celtic Cheer, 7 Nations, and NeedFire could be heard throughout the evening.  My friend had been eyeing the Whiskey Tasting tent ever since we got there, so he signed up for the last single malt tasting.  It was quite informative as a brief description of each whiskey was given before participants had a taste.  You could then jot down notes about the taste of each whiskey, although my friend noted that as he progressed, he didn't really notice a flavor change, but that he "got happier"!!!  As Tulsa really is one of America's 'biggest little small town', wherever you go, you always run into people you know, and the Scottish Festival was no different.  I have to give a shout out to our friend Vernon!  Great people, good times  :)   Alba Gubra!
We left the Scottish Fest to go hang out with some friends and ended the night playing pool at Sharky's
(I will readily admit I'm no pool shark, but I still love to play!!)

Saturday:   BOK & Ribs!!!  I couldn't wait to get down to the BOK this morning - they had free tours of the facility, music, and giveaways and a commemorative frisbee listing all the performing acts that have played the BOK over the past year!  And since we got there before 1 pm, admission to the Rock 'N Rib Fest just outside was free!  Featuring several different award winning rib vendors, I really wanted to try Johnson's "Thermonuclear Sauce", but chickened out after reading you had to sign a liability release!!  I did try their pulled pork sandwich...mmmmm.  We also tried Willingham's famous Tennessee BBQ, unique in that they serve sauce on the side, so you can appreciate their dry rub.  Also awesomely good.  I wish I could have tried all the different vendors, as I'm sure they were all tasty, but alas, it was just the two of us sampling, and by the time we got done with Willingham's we were ready for a nap!!  (well, HE was, I was wanting to go lay out by the pool as the weather had warmed up and the sun was out in all its glory!)

We 'siesta'd' the rest of the afternoon, as we had our friend's going away party to go to.  This is where last weekend's meat sale came in very handy, as the host was planning on grilling burgers - and of course we happened to have plenty of ground beef! After picking up some of our friends, and some beer, we headed on over to the party.  Good food, lots of laughter, and tons of empty beer bottles later, we decided to continue the party at the Soundpony.  There were about 20 of us, and when we got there around 11pm the place was packed.  Tons of people crowded the dance floor as a dj spun house music, and the wait for drinks was incredible, but understandable.  We made our way out back and hung out, once again running into more people we knew!  Being the DD I could have stayed, but my friend was ready to pass out around 1, so we headed for home.  Apparently our friends stayed and shut the place down!

Sunday:  We were going to spend a leisurely Sunday at home but we ended up going to meet our friends at Brookside By Day for brunch.  I split the sausage-onion-jalepeno-pepper jack omelette, which was delish!  While they were deciding whether to play frisbee golf or regular golf, we needed some groceries and opted to head home.  However, we didn't realize we would have to find a detour home because of the Hispanic Heritage Run

And that about wraps up the highlights for this past weekend.  Subscribe to stay posted to events coming up this weekend and next month!  As always, see you around T-Town!!  :)

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