Thursday, October 1, 2009

Happy October 1st, Tulsa!

Holy Halloween, Batman!  It's October 1st already!  I still have last weekend's recap to post, but I wanted to get all of the goings on for tonight out to you, so without further adieu, here goes:

The State Fair:  For those of you who might have been asleep for the past month, the wonderful aroma of fair food & livestock is definitely in the air starting today!!  Opening night tonight is $1 gate admission & $1 rides with that special coupon from Ford dealers, or $5 gate admission without!!  Be prepared for crowds and traffic jams!!!

Free B-52s Concert:  At RiverSpirit Casino, concert starts at 9pm, AND they are opening their brand new 1300 space parking garage!!  Woo-hoo!!

(RT@TulsaUnitedWay):  Today's our chili cook-off! All you can eat chili/desserts for $7! 11:30-1:30 1430 S. Boulder.

Sam Adams Octoberfest & Margarita Party:  To be held tonight at TGI Friday's, 41st & Yale, starting at 7pm.

On my way out the door - see you around Tulsa tonight!  Tune in tomorrow for more Tulsa happenings & updates!!!

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