Monday, October 26, 2009

It's Pumpkin Week, Tulsa!

Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend!  I sure did, as always!  Oktoberfest (twice!), Owasso for the Health Fair & Harvest Fest, Catoosa for the Route 66 Pecan & Fun Fest, watching the Oilers win their opening game (woot!!),and the Arabian Horse Show!  (see an upcoming post for the complete recap!)
We're now just days away from one of my favorite holidays, and already I've been getting into the spirit of things by roasting pumpkin seeds and making some baked squash. up, pumpkin cake, pumpkin pie, Dinner Club Wednesday night where we'll all be carving our pumpkins and roasting more seeds!
Lots o' cookin' this week!!

Update:  Well today's Wednesday, the week is flying by as usual, and I went on a 'mission' early this morning - the Great Halloween Hunt, if you will.  All I was looking for basically was a cheap carving kit, those disposable butane lights for pumpkins, and a long butane lighter.  The lighter was easy enough, but the carving kit??!  I hunted high, low, and everywhere in-between!  Walmart, Kmart, Target, Halloween Express, Party America, and yes, they had carving kits, but they were all expensive, and I just wanted the basic dollar carving utensil and scooper.  I know I bought one at Walmart last year, but got rid of it in the move out here!
Finally, I lucked out at the second Walgreens I checked, and it was a good thing I asked about it!  Alas, though, no lights to be found anywhere, so I settled with tea lights.  That will work.  I also picked up our pumpkin for tonights' Dinner Club extravaganza!  I can't wait.  I've been baking all afternoon - my secret recipe soon-to-be world famous pumpkin cake, and pumpkin pie!!  Mmmmm.....
I've got some of the Halloween classic horror movies all lined up from Netflix:  The Shining, Sleepy Hollow, Wrong Turn, The Funhouse, to name a few, and of course, let's not forget the perennial cult favorite, Halloween!  Now, save a trip to Goodwill for some last minute costume accessories, I'm all set for the big day & A Rocky Halloween!!
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